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About us

Gazman Energy is a fuel transportation, distribution and storage company that is based in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia. We have an ambitious drive to expand all over Africa.

Our history

Gazman Energy was founded in 2020 by Mr. Yahye Esse and Mr. Abdimahad Nuur, Gazman energy is an independent operator specializing in three business areas:

  • Storage: Safe Storage through our well-equipped gazman Terminals, providing safe and trusted storage services, ready for transporting and distributing to respective clients.
  • Transportation: Since 2020, we’ve expanded our presence across two countries in Africa and enjoyed strong, regular progress while constantly improving productivity in the services we provide.
  • Distribution: To date, Gazman Energy is taking a lead in storage and distribution in the Democratic Republic of Congo and getting more popular in Zambia as well.



Our vision

  • To be a solution to all oil and gas shortcomings for customers in the oil and gas industry in Africa.
  • To provide first-class transportation and delivery and storage services for our clients.
  • To become the preferred brand for active customers and our business partners convenience, reliability and efficiency in Africa.

·  To create new and strengthen our long-term partnerships with all stakeholders across the continent.

Our operations

Through our professional transportation, storage and distribution services, our working scale is hitting the market and to our customer expectations. With a total workforce of 150 and an annual growth rate of 5-10%, we are concentrated in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia and our regions are expanding at an equally fast pace. Our efficiency has raised our business scale to greater heights in our previous years of operation.

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